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Rechargeable Cordless Hair Iron_BB-05

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Rechargeable Cordless Hair Iron_BB-05

Patent about Heating Plate (Heater & Plate in one)
This iron is in a compact size and light weight. Anyone can carry it anywhere to use anytime. this high-tech mini hair iron can reach 230 degree with only one battery cell and about 30 Min. working time.(Patent in Korea, Japan, China, the United States and Europe)

  • Product : Mini Wireless Hair Styler
  • Model : BB-05
  • Temperature Setting : L 190°C / M 210°C/ H 230°C
  • Power Consumption : 15W
  • Battery : Lithium Ion (DC3.7 V , 2200mA)
  • Rated Voltage : 100V~240V /50~60 Hz
  • Size : L190mm x W30mm x H35mm
  • Heating Plate Size: L75mm x W17mm
  • Weight : 140 G
  • Charging Time : About 2hour 30min.
  • Working Time : 25-30 min.

1. Patent about Heating Plate
Conventional hair irons apply heat from the bottom of a dual structure consisting of an aluminum heating plate and the heater, requiring a prolonged warm-up time and causing unnecessary loss of power. However, our system utilizes a heater/heating plate-integrated special silicon heating plate, which can raise the temperature up to 230 degree with only one battery, and provides 30 minutes of continuous use.

2. Protects hair and prevents hair plucking
The unique heating plate ensures optimal treatment by eliminating the shortcomings of conventional aluminum heating plates, such as hair damage and plucking, pain, and unpleasant noise.

3. Displays status of operation and battery remaining/charge
The LED power display and battery LED assists the user by indicating the operation status, battery remaining, battery usage time, charging time, and charging level.

4.Removable battery
On some airlines, laptops and hair irons with internal batteries are not allowed. We developed a removable battery system so that you can remove or install the battery whenever necessar.

5. Safety

  • We enhanced the safety level by employing a temperature fuse and self-diagnostic system, which is not included in conventional curling irons. The temperature fuse significantly reduces the risk or fire and explosion, while the self-diagnostic system prevents damage to hair by monitoring for abrupt temperature rises higher than a specified temperature.
  • Safely carry it due to the locking lever of heating plate.

6. Design
We employed an ergonomic circular and cylindrical design to enable convenient treatment, including natural curling in addition to straightening.



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